Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Venus transcends through Herve Leger's New Collection

  Above is the image of Botticelli's Venus that represents all of the complexities of women with a seemingly endless array of exceptional love, fertility, war, birth, death, magic, mystery, marriage, maidenhood, sorrow. This image evokes alluring beauty, sensuality, and passion. Venus, goddess of love, represents an agent provocateur of sensual desire and infatuation, whose enchanting charms were enough to lure even the gods into acts of lust and illicit love. 

Venus' reputation and image of classical beauty transcend magnificently through to present-day style in Herve Leger's Fall and Spring 2010 line (below). These bold-statement-making dresses are empirically rendered to flatter the beautiful womanly figure with simplicity, in true Venus-like style, in the midst of an unexpectedly exciting nude color palette. 


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