Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let The Eyes Say It All!

Hello! Today is a great day because after a week of rain and gray skies, snuggling up by the fire, and way too many excuses as to why I could not work out, the beautiful sun has made an appearance and there is finally life popping up in every corner. People are actually willing to leave there house tonight... AMEN. Mainly, I am happy because I get to pull out my favorite pair of sunglasses. Peggy's pair! I got them at the Peggy Guggenheim foundation gift shop in Venice, Italy.

Peggy Guggenheim was glamorous icon for Art as well as Fashion. Her trademark look in the 60s was her winged, gondola-shaped, vintage sunglasses usually encrusted with little stones. She was a bold woman who knew herself well, allowing herself to run freely with her eccentric style, nothing held her back. And for this reason, she became admirable.

This is Karl Lagerfeld's use of the sunglasses in his Peggy inspired photo shoot...

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