Sunday, November 7, 2010

Florence and the Machine

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing Florence and the Machine at the Wiltern, LA. Let me just say that the vocalist, Florence Welch, or Flo, is phenomenal. She has the most powerful voice I have ever heard live. Her performance was raw, passionate, one that is hard to come by these days. I admire her ability to completely let go in front of an audience. Her passion freely streams through her wholesome voice and fills the hearts of everyone in the room. A truly magnificent experience that shows you how music is a tool for spiritual healing. I would post a video from the concert but that would not give it justice.

Her spontaneously decadent ways of expressing herself through body language on stage remind me of the twisted, strange, and picturesque poses that my great grandmother, Lyda Borelli,  Italian diva and silent film star, was known for. Unfortunately, I do not have good pictures of Florence's poses on stage last night but they do have a similar air to those of Lyda's bellow.

Milano, Italia 1912
Lyda Borelli, Diva Dolorosa

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